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Scooter games
Jan 07, 2016

Scooter is easy to use. If you have never played before, Don't worry! As long as you can ride a bike, you'll be able to play! said abstract points, Scooter like a mini bike, its whole structure access to cycling's upper body (front), lower access to skateboarding, but it only has two wheels. If you have not bike, No problem! Because each scooter Board have picture teaches you how to use and save. If said you wants to play pattern, line, to you introduced about play skateboard car of highest realm (currently I by see of): you can two feet clip live Hou round, hands hold front, forced hanging up front, yihou round for gravity, in air rotating two circle, badly of can turned to three circle; or clip live front wheel, yiqian round for gravity, Alice up Hou round rotating two circle, if you will this trick, proved you has reached has "perfection" of realm has.

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