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Car Seats and Coats Could Present A Danger for Children When Riding in Car
Sep 01, 2016

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- When it comes to caring for your children during the cold weather, bundling them up seems like the best option. However, as KEPR found out, that's not the case when it comes to buckling up your baby in the car this winter.

Keeping her first born secure and warm are Rachel Wray's top priorities when it comes to taking her baby Piper anywhere in the car.

"If we were to get in an accident I would not want anything to happen," said Wray, adding "She is very important to me, she is priceless."

Bundling up a baby comes with a price when a winter coat could prevent a car seat from providing life-saving protection in an accident.

Safe Kids Benton Franklin Director Kathleen Clary-Cooke says if it's more than a quarter of an inch thick it's no good for your kid.

"What happens when you put your kid in really puffy coats or heavy buntings is they will actually compressing if there is a crash," said Clary-Cooke, adding "that makes the harness straps way too loose and the kids can actually be ejected from the vehicle."

When it comes to winter coat car safety, it's not just the baby in the back we should be thinking about.

Benton Franklin health district says anyone in the car that would be wearing a seatbelt should not be blocking it with the puffy coat

"If you do feel the need to wear a coat, you want to make sure it's unzipped and that the seatbelt is across your hips and the shoulder harnesses on your shoulder as much as possible," said Clary-Cooke adding, because all those things are going to compress in a crash.

"I didn't know that, I guess you learn something new every day," said Wray.

Practicing the seat belt safety we learn to keep ourselves and our loved ones secure for the ride ahead.

Leaders from Safe Kids Benton-Franklin suggest putting the coat over your child's car seat once they're clicked in. You can also use blankets as long as they don't get in between your baby and the harness strapping them in.

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