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Most-watched Children's Scooters
Jan 07, 2016

New hand drive type children fitness skateboard car and said skateboard bike, is 2010 spring fair Shang most by concern of children skateboard car, currently international market latest tide, and most Shi type children fitness skateboard car glide without pedal stepped, people station or sat in its Shang hands pull rope, will can easily sliding and gradually speed up, speed can free master; according to body gravity around tilt, skateboard car will can free steering.

Skateboard bike children flooding the eight properties

A, simple: stand (or sit) in the car, gently pull the brake rope, can easily glide free acceleration, turning freely, whether adults or children, short time to proficiency;

Second, the use of safety: children hand-drive fitness scooter taxi does not need foot pedaling up and down, gently pull the brake rope operations, and braking equipment, design science, safety and reliability;

Third, the stylish: children hand drive fitness scooter design adopts international popular art styles, concise, smooth linear pattern cool color fashion;

Four, forms compact: light weight, small size, convenient for carrying;

V, fast speed: the speed can be adjusted freely, the fastest up to 4 m/s;

Six handles, steering: by moving the center of gravity of the body can be easily turned, steering RADIUS can be small or large, the minimum turning radius of 2 m;

Seven, entertaining: glide path diversity is quick and straight lines, hunting, arc slide, 8 slide tricks, can rely on brake speed on the slope down, entertaining prominent;

Eight, feature-rich: demands of health, recreation and leisure are eternal human need, children hand-drive fitness scooter will satisfy these needs, is a versatile and original products, product vitality and market prospect of incalculable.

Children hand-driven skateboards exercise bike, is the latest and most fashionable in the international market of sports and leisure products. The products have been obtained SGS international certification, application and have access to the Chinese and United States market patents.

Children hand-driven skateboard bike coasting without pedaling, people stand or sit on their hands pulling the rope, it can easily slip and accelerate speeds free master, according to body weight left and right tilt, skateboard children flooding exercise bike is free to turn.

Skateboard bike suitable for children flooding from toddlers to the elderly people of different ages, especially suitable for primary school children and recreational sports, strengthen the mind, courageous, and body balance and flexibility training. Skateboard bike children flooding operation is simple and easy to learn, safe and reliable, ordinary people will soon be able to achieve freedom drive, easy glide.

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